Beauty comes in many ways, be unique, proud, and see your beauty in the real way! Not the way people make you feel like you have to be someone else!

Boutique in Jacksonville

Beauty comes in many ways. We invite you to find yours, at Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC in Jacksonville, NC! Our custom creations can bring meaning and beauty into every part of your life, from the clothes you wear to the home you live in. Check out our shop at 209 Ramsey for indoor and outdoor decor, clothing for men, women and children, and fashion accessories. Be unique. Be yourself. Be here, at Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC! 
Fill a punch card, get $10 to spend on anything in our store!  Request a punch card within, these can be mailed or picked up.

Dare to be different 

You're the sort of person who is not afraid to swim against the current. You know what looks good on you and couldn't care less if it's considered fashionable by the public at large. Or you're just now discovering that being like everyone else is boring. You're our kind of customer at Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC! Stop by today and find kindred spirits, and clothing and decor that celebrates freedom of expression. 
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Our gift to you 

At Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC, we are humbled and gratified when a new customer walks through our door, and even more so when they walk out with an item that will add beauty to their lives. If each and every customer leaves our store with the confidence to follow their dreams and express their own uniqueness to their fullest, we've succeeded! Thank you for visiting and helping to keep our dreams alive. 

We're just getting warmed up 

Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC opened its doors just five years ago, but in that time frame we've gotten an earful from the people of Jacksonville, NC. We've learned that when it comes to clothing, home decor and fashion accessories, you like to think outside the "big box." That's why every product line we carry in our boutique has been specially chosen for superior craftsmanship and one-of-a-kind looks you won't find anywhere else!  
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New deals arriving daily - stop in and see! 
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