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Mission Statement

I suppose you were expecting to see a typical list of products we offer at Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC. Am I wrong? There is actually deep meaning behind the name “Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC." With that being said, the better question would be "what do we not have to offer you?" We are a classified retail store selling wood signs with meaning to decorate your home. We offer all boutique products from bows, tutus, door décor, bows, wreaths, wood work shelves and stand signs, to outdoor fun! 

We customize everything for all customers. You may change the color of the design and add different unique accessories. We value your opinion! The owner wants you to purchase a product of her creation and be in love with it. I strive hard every day for my company and employees. I want to hear our communities and surrounding cities and states. Do you like the design, but want different colors? You got it! Want to add on to the design? I can do it! My company is about me, and I'm about you. If you see something you like in another store, bring it (or a picture of it) to me and I can create a similar artwork with you, or I can surprise you. My employees and I offer an extreme amount of what we call R.H.L. - Respect, Honesty and Loyalty. I keep it 100% with all our customers, and anyone we do business with. We realize that in reality, not everyone will return that back, but for now we stand behind R.H.L. Be unique; make a change! Show your beauty, show your style!
Now, I have answered your question. Can you answer mine? I want to offer confidence to everyone. Will you allow Lynne's Unique Creations to give you confidence? Will you let us help you see your true beauty, not make you feel singled out no matter your size, race or background? Thank you for purchasing to keep my dream stay alive, give you deals, and last but not least, be part of an amazing story to my life making me see my potential, confidence, and strength. The road is long and painful, but remember to fight the battle with all you got! It may hurt like hell, but the strength you gained is worth more than a fair price for what you had to overcome.

Thank you for reading so far!! You will start to think outside the box eventually. 

 Miranda Schweickhardt
Colorful ribbon

History behind Lynne's Unique Creations 

Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC officially became an LLC this Year. However, that does not mean my company has no history! Everything I have enjoyed doing since the age of 13, I combined into my own company. I love unique items that stand out from the crowd, show my beauty, my fashion, and the mind set that conveys to others it's OK to be you!

Over the years, I have continued my hobbies, and at the same time, started researching and analyzing our government and all other stores. I have seen prices jump high, then drop back again, but still leaving a big impact on the company. Back in the day - and yes I am only 26, but that doesn't mean I didn’t amass enough experience in life to allow me use of that expression! - the more I pushed on with planning and thinking about the business, I finally worked up the courage to step forward to make something better in my life, my kids' lives, and the lives of my family, friends and all human beings. Why not do everything I enjoy, while giving all customers a high quality product, at a lower price than retail?  I put 100% into my company and customers. 
Over time, I have realized this world is all about control and judging. Isn't that still considered discrimination? Why put your beauty into a category? Whether you're small, big, junior, baby, etc., it’s my goal to provide a high quality stock of products and not charge an arm and leg for them. I want all of my customers to walk in and feel confident and comfortable with their purchase. 

I have been making these items for most of my life. I made Lynne's Unique Creations & Boutique, LLC a sole proprietorship in March 2016, and we officially became a company in June 2016. I make all products with all the love and care in my heart. We do plan on expanding as soon as possible. So far we have great reviews and happy customers. We will bend over backwards for you! I always like to keep my viewers, customers, crew, family and friends up to date with our plans for future growth and what to expect. Something I live by: “Be prepared for the unexpected.” 
I have had to learn about running and owning a business as I go along. That means many "to-do" lists, many days of running around, and many investments that went from my own packet into my business. That should show you right there how hard I work. I’m always busy doing something for everyone. I grew up and worked for my money and the things I wanted. That’s exactly what you do for your company. It will make you stronger and smarter. The options are endless when you use your imagination and the skills everyone has. Combine thoughts and you could be impressed with the outcome. 

To wrap this up for now I just want to leave you all of with a huge "thank you" to all the people that believed in me, all viewers, all workers, life for teaching me the struggle, and all my customers. Even with all the bad luck my family went through, I still succeeded, I still came out on top, and I’m still living. I may have cried an ocean, but I dried those tears and moved on with life, taking one day at a time and reminding myself and others that you can do anything you want if you really put your mind to it.

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